My Tech High

“My Tech High is a tuition-free public school program that provides a personalized education experience for students in grades K-12 who reside in Utah, Colorado, and Oregon. Our program helps students gain valuable tech and entrepreneurship skills that will allow them to be successful in college, career, and life. We believe that students with a strong foundation in creativity, innovation, technology, and business are poised to change the world for good.”

Harmony Educational Services

“Harmony provides educational options so you can choose what’s best for your child, including:

  • Mix and match courses and materials from a variety of vendors
  • Online curriculum or traditional curriculum based on textbooks, literature, etc.
  • Our popular on-site elective program and other exciting elective classes
  • Resources and materials based on your child’s interests and their courses

This is the ideal program for families who educate their children at home.”

Children First Education Fund

“Children First Education Fund (CFEF) began in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit scholarship granting organization (SGO) with the mission to provide school choice for students with disabilities.”

“Scholarships are available for children in grades K-12, and may be used for private school tuition, books, supplies, and education related therapies. Homeschool students may also be eligible to receive scholarships. Over 80,000 Utah students are eligible to participate in the program. Siblings of scholarship recipients who attend the same school may also qualify for scholarship funds. As with other education choice programs, tax credit scholarships benefit the regular public education system through savings on public investment, as much as 3 to 1.”

Carson Smith Scholarship

“Carson Smith Scholarship Program General OverviewThe Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship Program (CSS) is a parent choice model for Utah residents that provides tuition assistance for eligible special needs students enrolled in eligible private schools. The scholarship is for students who would qualify for special education and related services in public schools, preschool through 12th grade (3‐21 years of age), whose parents choose an eligible private school.”

Dimond Education
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