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Classical Conversations

You’re Their First Teacher.  Be Their Best Teacher.  When you homeschool with Classical Conversations, we connect you with a local community of like-minded families who not only learn together, but do life together. We equip homeschool parents with the confidence to raise bright, observant students who have a lifelong love of learning.

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Homeschool Hub Utah

Homeschool Hub of Utah seeks to unite local homeschool efforts by connecting homeschoolers with resources in one central location, by empowering parents through resources and teaching opportunities to find or create what they need, and by serving communities who need support to build their homeschool connection.

Polar Star

We are a group of dedicated families that have come together to learn, teach, and create enlightening experiences at various levels.  We do this through project based classes that include plays, hands on activities, leadership opportunities, simulations, book colloquia, kids classes, adult education, service activities, a Moms’ Retreat, Family Dance, and Winter Formal.  What we gain from it is so much more valuable: the unifying connections we create as we get to know one another on different levels through our educational and extracurricular experiences.

The OWLS Co-op: Ogden-Weber Learners Society

“Home schooling has become a popular option for families in recent years. There are many reasons why parents might choose to home school their children. The Ogden Weber Learning Society can be a great resource for families considering homeschooling. We offer a variety of resources. We have a code of conduct that all members must adhere to, ensuring that everyone in our community respects the rights of others. So if you are wondering if homeschooling is right for your family, please take a look at our resources and see what we have to offer.”

UTCH Davis-Weber Homeschool Co-Operative

UDWC stands for UTCH Davis/Weber co-op. We are a *UTCH state member home education cooperative meeting weekly for 10-week fall and winter terms to provide group instruction in a variety of subjects.  We are a parent participation co-op and not a drop off program.  Our co-op is made up of UTCH state member families who attend a wide variety of area churches.


Athenian eAcademy

Provide modern educational reform opportunities to rural communities, using a blend of modern technology, traditional structures, and family involvement.

Family Lyceum

We are a school that provides part-time, private education for K-8. Our goal is to light the FIRE, inspiring students to achieve their academic goals.  We value: 

Respect &

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Knox Academy of Making

Knox Academy is a part-time education service that focuses on the skills students will need to be 21st century creative problem solvers. We cannot predict the world our youth will enter, therefore the ability to think critically, collaborate, communicate and solve problems become the qualities most important for their success. We use projects to build these skills while also providing a real-world connection by connecting the students to the community around them. Students are allowed to work through their own ideas for solving problems in our community and world.

Through project-based learning, our mentors foster self-directed learning by providing a rich environment of learning through our global-focused context. The students take the driver’s seat of their learning by pursuing their interests and passions in that context, choosing projects that peak their curiosity. While the teachers encourage and integrate discovery learning and exploration opportunities that naturally build not only academic skills, but also skills acquired by using the tools of our culture and by collaborating in mixed age enviornments.

True creativity and natural learning requires a safe environment, a hallmark of Knox Academy.  We work hard to provide a collaborative environment where failure is embraced, each child’s unique skills are celebrated and nurtured, and growth mindset is practiced daily. It is this  safe, stress-free environment that will feed your child’s curiosity and inspire their creativity and passion for learning.


Ascend – A Mentored Education

Join a community of families that are committed to lifelong learning and preparing our future leaders for the challenges to come.  Come fall in love with the journey and ascend to new heights to welcome tomorrow’s sunrise.

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Berean Baptist Academy

Since 1979, Berean Baptist Academy has been assisting parents and families in the education of young people.  We are a Kindergarten through twelfth grade school, featuring small classes and a dedicated staff that gives young people the individual attention and guidance they need. 

Our Academy started as an ACE school, with students working through small workbooks at their own pace.  In 2005, we made the transition to a more traditional classroom setting, as a Classical and Christian School.  We strive to provide an affordable option for parents who desire a Christian education for their children.  No worthy family will be turned away for lack of funds.  At the same time, we strive to maintain a rigorous academic program where each student develops a lifelong love of learning.

Deamude Adventist Christian School

We invite you to experience the difference of Christian education.  At Deamude Adventist Christian School, we believe that Christ should be at the center of the classroom.  Our dedicated staff love God, and will love your children.

Evergreen Montessori Academy

1 801 479 7799

Guidepost Montessori School at Ogden

Guidepost Montessori develops a fundamental love of learning and equips each child with the knowledge, confidence, and tools needed to reach their highest potential as they grow into independent adults.

Maria Montessori Academy

The mission of Maria Montessori Academy is to provide an individualized education that promotes academic excellence founded on the authentic philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Maria Montessori Academy will craft each child’s education in partnership with educators and parents to achieve higher levels of academic, personal and social achievement, thereby preparing students to become constructive contributors to their community.

OakGrove School

Oakgrove academics strives to maximize each student’s academic potential. Identifying learning styles, interests, and strengths along with providing quality information in an engaging, creative, strategic manner is key.

Ogden Valley Montessori School


Providence Montessori Academy

• We are the premier accredited Montessori school in northern Utah
• Top notch extracurricular programs from piano lessons to boy scouts
• Pure application of the Montessori Method (we don’t just steal the name)
• Before & after school care

St. Joseph Catholic Schools

Saint Joseph Catholic Schools inspires a life-long love of learning within the context of the Catholic education tradition. The schools form an integrated pre-K through 12th grade system that provides each student with the opportunities to excel through exemplary spiritual formation and academic, social and physical education.

Wasatch Christian School

Our mission is to encourage our community’s kids to reach their full potential, develop character, and be creative, stimulated, and curious about learning.

We desire to work in unison with families in order to provide an education that prepares our students spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially to become independent learners.

By holistically investing in children, at each stage of their lives, we believe in the potential to create healthy families and a community of belonging. In this way, we contribute to a safe and strong future for the wider Ogden area.


Harness Your Power

Our Youth Empowerment Program will help your child gain the self worth and confidence they need to unlock their potential and take accountability for their future! We help them achieve this with experiential learning through horsemanship and riding. We have the most accepting, safe and loving horses and team committed to empowering youth in a peaceful and respectful way.

Independent Education Program

The vision of the Independent Education Program will be to fill that gap by providing consistent, high quality, academic content that gives parents more a la carte options to build out their secondary level homeschool curriculum. We also want to strengthen co-ops or homeschool friendly schools by creating high quality content that can add valuable offerings in their class schedules.

The Local Artisan Collective

Bring your kids for a fun Fall Semester. This semester-long class will inspire and motivate your student(s) to be creative in new ways as they explore art through a variety of media. Students will learn how to use new tools and create projects that are unique, fun and engaging.

Ziegfeld Arts Academy

Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime by enrolling them in our performing arts academy in Ogden, Utah. Our teachers have many years of experience in acting, singing, dancing, visual arts and other disciplines, and they want nothing more than to pass their love of theater down to the next generation. For many Ogden, Utah-area students, our arts school feels like home.


DaVinci Academy Distance Learning/Flex

This unique program is a hybrid between home and public school. This means that students work on curriculum at home and receive instruction on-site for up to 1.5 days per week.


The school of choice for those seeking a rigorous, supportive early college experience on a university campus.

Ogden Preparatory Academy

Ogden Preparatory Academy’s vision is to create a positive, nurturing environment for students to grow and learn as they develop the skills necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders. Through high academic expectations and experiences, bilingual exposure, leadership roles and commitment to community, OPA’s students will gain confidence and a sense of self-worth that will prepare them to face the challenges in a competitive world.

Weber State University Academy

Weber State University Charter Academy is a free, public kindergarten, and the first charter academy in Utah to be authorized by an institution of higher education. Being part of Weber State University gives us a wealth of expertise to draw from that is unique to our Charter Academy.

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