Sevier County


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Homeschool Hub Utah

Homeschool Hub of Utah seeks to unite local homeschool efforts by connecting homeschoolers with resources in one central location, by empowering parents through resources and teaching opportunities to find or create what they need, and by serving communities who need support to build their homeschool connection.


Athenian eAcademy

Provide modern educational reform opportunities to rural communities, using a blend of modern technology, traditional structures, and family involvement.


Fieldstone Academy

Fieldstone Academy began in 2004 as a very small ranch-based facility working with those kids who needed extreme help in school and who simply could not cope with public schools.  Though no longer entirely ranch-based, we work actively on a ranch after school, where our students care for cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and the occasional ranch dog and semi-wild cats!


Utah Schools Directory


Utah Schools Directory

Dimond Education
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