Cache County


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Cache Learning Center

“CLC is place for professional instruction to supplement homeschool education and where students are free to pursue their passions. Students love the engaging learning and the opportunity to grow and interact with peers. Parents love high quality instruction, the simplified schedule, and drop-off classes.”

Classical Conversations

You’re Their First Teacher.  Be Their Best Teacher.  When you homeschool with Classical Conversations, we connect you with a local community of like-minded families who not only learn together, but do life together. We equip homeschool parents with the confidence to raise bright, observant students who have a lifelong love of learning.

List to our podcast about Classical Conversations:—Episode-26-e20mh6r

Fuel Academy

“We, the families of FUEL Academy, are committed to serving together to inspire our children to rise to their potential as future leaders. We strive to create opportunities for positive challenges, ennobling education, strengthening character, and enriching friendships, while honoring the phases of learning. With these goals we will ignite the deep desire for knowledge and affect positive change in our families and communities.”

Grove Cooperative

“GROVE Co-op was founded for the 2020 school year to provide a heart-warming social atmosphere for our children during a time when gathering was looked down upon. We need each other–just like a grove of trees is stronger together–our children, and as us adults, need one another to build strong root systems.

We invite each family who joins our Grove Family to choose a tree that represents their family, or a tree they would like their family to emulate.

Familiarity with, or a desire to understand and implement, the Well-Educated Heart’s heart-warming way of learning is the key to low-stress and enjoyable mornings at co-op.”

Homeschool Hub Utah

Homeschool Hub of Utah seeks to unite local homeschool efforts by connecting homeschoolers with resources in one central location, by empowering parents through resources and teaching opportunities to find or create what they need, and by serving communities who need support to build their homeschool connection.


Cache Valley Cincinnatus Academy

“A Commonwealth of Home Educators for students 12-18.”


Cache Valley Learning Center


(435) 753-8811

The Center for Creativity, Innovation and Discovery

“CCID use research-supported instructional strategies, a positive learning environment, and collaborative student-community partnerships to foster a passion and curiosity for the STEM disciplines.”


Independent Education Program

The vision of the Independent Education Program will be to fill that gap by providing consistent, high quality, academic content that gives parents more a la carte options to build out their secondary level homeschool curriculum. We also want to strengthen co-ops or homeschool friendly schools by creating high quality content that can add valuable offerings in their class schedules.


Utah Schools Directory


Utah Schools Directory

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